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Key Staff is your most important business asset

ASTAR Executive is the trusted brand that employers use. Our specialised experienced Executive Recruitment Consultants that have built positive relationships with skilled personnel in all industry sectors.

We know that finding the right key member can be one of the most important assets to any business.

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Our Approach

ASTAR Executive commitment and professionalism has allowed for a trusted, long lasting relationship with our clients.

Our services are customised across a wide range of industries for Permanent or Contract & Casual placements. We service small to large employers Australia and New Zealand wide.

Executive Recruitment requires a specialised set of skills and knowledge. We have broken downs the key factors giving you a better process to find your key person for your vacant role.

Executive Recruitment Process

Our Executive Recruitment Process is extensive & thorough. This process involves a series of key stages that potential candidates will need to go through to be suitable for the position. Also key to this process is communications with our clients.

How Can We Help

As experts in the executive recruitment, we assume the responsibility of finding a great match for your business, ensuring that your time and efforts are devoted to achieving your business goals.

Our experience and proven record in the Executive Search Positions is why we are so trusted in the Industry.

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Our executive recruitment consultants are ready to discuss your requirements. We are a phone call away.

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