How to Hand in your Resignation

Thinking of resigning?

The idea is often more appealing than the act itself. Find out how to end your current role on a positive note.

Resigning from a job is something that you will have to do at some point in your career. However, there is a right and wrong way to do it. If you are thinking about resigning from your job, ASTAR Recruitment has provided some suggestions to help you decide when and how to resign.

Be Sure

Are unhappy at your job?

If you are unhappy at your job and it is starting to affect your productivity and attitude, it may be a time to reflect on whether you should move on. In saying that however, resigning is not something that you should undertake hastily or impulsively.

Telling your Boss

Steps to telling your boss your resigning.

  • Pick a good time to speak with your employer. It might be useful to arrange a meeting with him or her if they are very busy.
  • Make sure you have a reasonable explanation for leaving.
  • Maintain a positive tone.  Mention the opportunities you have been given and the good experiences you have had with the company.
  • A resignation usually comes as a bit of a surprise, so be prepared for unexpected reactions from your boss.
  • Maintain your composure.  Speak in a decisive and placid tone and remain calm.
  • Avoid getting into personal details about anyone in the company.
  • Keep focused.  You are there with the purpose of resigning and nothing else.
  • If you find yourself becoming anxious, stop and take a deep breath.
  • Be optimistic.  Wish them well for the future or remind them that you are willing to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Make sure you leave a good last impression.
  • Always confirm your verbal resignation in writing.
  • Resignation Letter
  • Write all the things you want to say down. This will help you re-think and re-word your letter until the message you want to convey is clear.
  • Make the letter clear and to the point.
  • Include your name, today’s date and when your last day will be.
  • Address the letter to your boss.  Advise that you want to end your employment and sign it.
  • State in a clear and simple manner the reasons for your resignation, e.g. after new challenges, further your career, etc.
  • Give a reasonable amount of time for notice.  Make sure it is in line with any contract obligations.
  • Always leave on good terms! You may want to include personal thoughts direct to your boss if they have been a great help or mentor to you.  You might like to thank them for the opportunities you have been given.  Maybe the organisation has been a fantastic employer and you want to say so in your letter.
  • If your time at the company has not been a good one, don’t mention this in your letter.

Before you leave

Saying goodbye

  • Settle your remaining pay and other benefits such as holiday entitlement, company car, company credit cards, mobile phone, health fund etc.
  • Finish any work you have been assigned where possible.  Before leaving, make sure that there is someone to take on your work even if you cannot finish it yourself.
  • Say goodbye to your colleagues.  Maintain or update their contact details so that you can remain in contact with them in future.
  • Ask for a reference.
  • Maintain a positive attitude until the end.
  • Avoid talking about your new job too much to your current employer and/or colleagues.